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From the Railways-Station (Piazza Santa Maria Novella):

By bus No. 06 A, B, or C is reached P.zza Massimo d'Azeglio (5/10 min) at the stop in Via B. G. Niccolini when you get off go walking for about 3 minutes.

By bus number 06 travel till P.zza Massimo D'Azeglio (5/10 min.), when you get off go walking for 3 minutes.

By shuttle from Piazza Santa Maria Novella to Campo di Marte Railways-Station (frequency 15-20 minutes and only 3 minutes ride). Then walk 5 minutes towards the main boulevards; pass the traffic light and go straight for 100 meters.


From the Florence Airport by bus:

By bus number 62 towards the Railways Station (Piazza Santa Maria Novella) about 20 minutes ride, then by bus 06 as specified in "from the railways-station by bus"..


From the Florence Airport "Amerigo Vespucci" by car:

Exit the freeway at Firenze or Firenze Nord, drive following the information as indicated "From the Florence Airport Amerigo Vespucci by car"
•Exit the freeway at Firenze Sud, then keep straight along till you reach the end of the feeder connection and then turn left at the traffic light. Drive straight along the river till the Viale G. Amendola. Keep your left way and at the first traffic light of the Viale G. Amendola turn left. Keep your right hand, because you have to turn immediately on the right, before of the traffic island. Pass the traffic light to enter in Via dell'Agnolo and turn your first right: Via della Mattonaia, drive straight along for 300 meters aproximately, till you reach the number 43.

By car (we suggest everybody to exit the A1 only when you arrive to exit "Firenze Sud"="South Florence":
From the Airport Exit follow the signs "Viali di Circonvallazione" and drive towards south. Enter Viale A. Guidoni and then enter Viale F. Redi too, towards the center (Sign: "Centro"). Reach the "Fortezza da Basso" and drive towards Piazza della Libertà. Maintain always your right hand till the Piazzale Donatello (Cimitero degli Inglesi) and, follow driving till you pass Piazza C. Beccaria. After Piazza C. Beccaria, turn right in Via dell'Agnolo and immediately turn right again in Via della Mattonaia, keep driving straight along for 300 meters, till you reach the number 43.